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Are you just about to finish school and have to choose a professional career now? DÖRKENGROUP offers you a wide range of opportunities: You can get your first qualification through various vocational training programmes, and advance them further throughout your professional life in DÖRKENGROUP. Or combine a degree and vocational training with a cooperative education programme.





Cooperative education programme

When combined appropriately, theory and practice are unbeatable and gets you well prepared for positions of responsibility in the future. In cooperation with various universities, we offer you the opportunity to study and gain valuable practical work experience at the same time. Cooperative education also often includes opportunities to spend time overseas. Of course, DÖRKENGROUP will pay your course fees.

Education & training

In DÖRKENGROUP, we believe that one of our most important tasks is to make young people interested in work and to provide a qualified vocational education. We look forward to every new year of trainees – to enthusiastic and dedicated young people who want to shape their own and the company’s future at DÖRKEN.

Holiday job

DÖRKENGROUP offers motivated school students who want to supplement their pocket money an opportunity to get an insight into various areas of the company in the holidays, for example production, laboratories or quality assurance.

In general, the minimum age is 15 years; due to the safety regulations, the minimum age in the laboratory is 16 years.

School student internships

DÖRKENGROUP offers school students insights into the professional working life in various parts of the company with internships. You will become a temporary member of the team and have a set contact person who will supervise you for the duration of the internship.

School students 14 years or older can take part in internships, or 16 years or older in the laboratories.

FAQs on vocational training and cooperative education programmes


What is the deadline for applying for a vocational training placement?

There aren’t any deadlines for this. Ideally, you should apply during or right after the summer holidays.

How do I apply to DÖRKENGROUP?

Online in our application portal. To apply online, click one of the vacancies listed above.

What documents do I need to upload?

Cover letter, curriculum vitae, most recent and previous school report card, and any internship references available.

What happens once I have submitted my application documents?

After uploading your application documents, you receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt. You will receive another intermediate notification as soon as the applications have been viewed.

What is the selection process like?

Our selection process consists of a recruitment test and a job interview. For certain professions, Assessment Centres (DÖRKENAUDITIONS) are held before the job interviews.

When does the selection process start?

As soon as we have enough good applications, we start the selection process.

When can I expect an answer?

As we receive many applications for vocational training, this can take some time. If you are unsure and would like to know what the current status of your application is, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or e-mail (prsnldrknd).

How can I prepare for the recruitment test or Assessment Centre?

We recommend that you search for tips online. You can find lots of information and examples of tests or Assessment Centres.

If I dropped out of college, do I still have a chance of getting a vocational training placement?


Do I need a specific school qualification to do vocational training?

Yes! For cooperative education programmes, we require at least advanced technical college certificate, and good vocational extension certificate for other programmes. For the chemical production specialist and machine and plant operator vocational training professions, at least a good intermediate secondary school certificate is required.

Will I be hired after I complete vocational training?

Whether you are hired afterwards always depends on your achievements during the vocational training programme and the demand within DÖRKENGROUP.

Application process


Upload your application in our application portal. You will then receive an automatically generated confirmation of receipt. Our selection process for all vocational training professions consists of a recruitment test and a job interview.

For certain professions, Assessment Centres (DÖRKENAUDITIONS) are held before the job interviews. If you and we believe that we might be a good match, you will receive a vocational education contract and you can start your career at DÖRKENGROUP!

Application tips for school students


We are delighted that you want to take your first steps to a successful career with DÖRKENGROUP! As a school student, you have probably never taken part in an application process. When writing your application, ask older friends, your parents or other people you trust for support. 

Check carefully for spelling mistakes and ensure that your application documents are complete and orderly. Besides these fundamental criteria, one thing is particularly important to us: Tell us something about yourself! Impress us with your qualities in your cover letter and explain why you have chosen DÖRKENGROUP to start your career.

Your complete application includes the following documents: 

  • Cover letter presenting your reasons and motivation for your application. 
  • CV in table form with information on your career (including special knowledge and events, such as languages and stays abroad)
  • School examination or university admission certificates (general or specialised).
  • Any confirmations/references/certificates on internships, other practical experience, school and extracurricular projects
  • Photo (optional)
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