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Vacancies and
tips for students

Do you want to gain practical experience during your studies and make a contact with a large company group? We think that’s a great idea! DÖRKENGROUP offers students a wide range of opportunities to build on their academic theory with a solid helping of practice. If you are proactive now, nothing will stand in the way of your successful career later! 



And how do you start? Have a look at our vacancies or send us a speculative application!




DÖRKENGROUP offers students internship positions in a wide range of areas of the company. During the semester break or a semester off, you can add practical experience to your theoretical knowledge. You are integrated as temporary members of the team in one of our company areas and have a set contact person who will supervise you for the duration of the internship. With commitment and fresh ideas, you can even take on responsibility during an internship with us.

You can complete internships of varying lengths depending on your time schedule. Let us know of your preferred time schedule in your application!

Final thesis

Are you nearing the end of your studies and getting ready to write your final thesis? DÖRKENGROUP could be your partner for this! Depending on your degree programme and the subject of your thesis, we can supervise your bachelor, master and doctoral theses. Before you contact us in this regard, you should know the topic and area on which you want to write your final thesis, and also let us know of the timeframe. We will then be happy to discuss all ideas and options with you!

Working students

Our jobs for working students are popular, as they combine multiple advantages: You gain valuable practical experience in jobs that match your degree programme, supplement your income and make contacts in the professional environment. DÖRKENGROUP also offers you especially flexible conditions: You can either work part-time for the entire duration, or even full-time during the semester break, for example.

German National Scholarship

German National Scholarship

DÖRKENGROUP is an official sponsor of the German National Scholarship programme, which offers high-achieving students financial support during their degree programme, irrespective of their social background or university location. If you are interested in support for your degree programme, contact us!

FAQs for students


Which degree programmes are eligible for application to DÖRKENGROUP?

We are especially interested in students in the degree programmes listed below. If you are studying in another area, but already have a specific idea for your work or appropriate practical experience, we would still be delighted to receive your application!

  • Various engineering courses (chemical, mechanical engineering, bio- and nanotechnology, surface coating, plastics engineering, colorimetry, electrical engineering among others)
  • Economics
  • Communication studies
  • Information technology, information systems and media systems  

When do internships/jobs at DÖRKENGROUP start, and how long do they last?

We know that students have many commitments. As a result, we aim to offer you a degree of flexibility. Please specify the preferred timeframe in your written application (e.g. for an internship or final thesis), or which weekdays or months (working student).

My targeted degree programme qualification is bachelor/master/‘Diplom’. Can I apply to DÖRKENGROUP with it?

People always take centre stage with us. As such, your degree programme is not the sole determining factor, but rather your (practical) experience, interests and goals as well. For working in certain areas of the company, however, it can help if you already have a master or ‘Diplom’, or are even working towards a doctorate. If there are requirements like this, they will be specified in the respective job description.

Application process


Please submit your written application via our application portal. You will then receive confirmation of receipt. If we are impressed by your written application documents, we will invite you to an interview in our premises to discuss options and conditions. If the interview is successful, you will receive a contract and you can start soon after!

Application tips for students


We look forward to your application and are excited to get to know your talents. As a student, it’s possible that you may not have written very many applications yet. Perhaps you can ask someone you trust for help in writing your application. Universities often offer application courses or written guides. Check carefully for spelling mistakes and ensure that your application documents are complete and orderly.

Besides these fundamental criteria, one thing is particularly important to us: Tell us something about yourself! Win us over with your qualities in your cover letter, and explain why you want to enrich your degree programme with practical experience at  DÖRKENGROUP .

Your complete application includes the following documents: 

  • Cover letter presenting your reasons and motivation for your application. Please don’t forget to include: your intended field of activity, start date or timeframe. 
  • CV in table form with information on your career (including special knowledge and events, such as languages and stays abroad)
  • Current overview of your academic achievements or school and university admission certificates (general or specialised).
  • Include any confirmations/references/certificates on internships or other practical experience
  • Photo (optional)

Speculative application


Haven’t found the right job for you among our current vacancies? If you are still convinced that you can enrich DÖRKENGROUP, we would be delighted to receive your speculative application!

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